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NaNo: The Ultimate Guide

October 13, 2019

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#JaNoEdMo Starts Here!

1 Jan 2017

I hope you had a fun time last night! Did you dig your best disco shirt out the bottom of the wardrobe? Maybe even had a li’l wiggle on the dance floor?




I know; New Year’s Day probably isn’t the best time for a new blog post — your head is splitting and you can barely open up those orbs to more than a crack, let alone read. Well, trust me, it will get better. And once the Alka-Seltzers kick in, what better way to pass the time on hangover day than mooching about at home, reading, watching a bit of telly, and eating soup from a tin (because that’s all you are able to cook)?


Continuing on in the series Nanowrimo – What Next? Here is your third instalment…


OK, so, you’ve got a general idea where your principle plot arenas are (and if not, go back to Post #2 of this series). Each arena should be building towards that focal point, which means that each of those focal points should be the peak of intensity for that section. When you tackle any rewriting, keep in mind the focal point for the section you are remoulding and channel everything towards it.


9.) Now, go back to the emotional arc we mentioned in Post #1. In order for your protag. to swing from A (at the beginning) to C (at the end), what is it they need to learn through the middle (B)? I’m talking about a fundamental life lesson. For instance, in the Hobbit, Bilbo has to risk his life to save others in order to learn that bravery is an exhilarating adventure. This takes him from being a scared little man, living a safe but boring life in the Shire, to being a warrior and hero, ready to take on a dragon. What is it your protag. must learn through the middle? What happens in your story to serve this lesson? Which scenes will allow you to further focus events to enable it? Add these notes to your spreadsheet in the relevant chapters.


10.) This is also the stage where you have to make sure your initial foreshadowing and background are correctly placed. Foreshadowing must come ideally within the first 50% of the book – 75% at ultimate limit! Whatever happens in the climax, however the hero triumphs, it must come from some element that