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Charlie Aylett


British short story author and writing coach based in France. A litmag editor and reader for almost a decade, Charlie has worked in short fiction publishing and novel consultation while also running workshops and courses on writing fiction for almost two. With a knack for breaking down complex writing concepts into pragmatic, comprehensible stages of learning, her workshops have received great reviews. Her clients always come away with renewed vigour and vision for their projects.


Even the most experienced writers need a fresh pair of eyes to go over their work, advice on weak areas and to know where the story strengths lie, be it in fiction or memoir. The relationship between writer and editor/coach/mentor is one of trust and teamwork, to navigate a path together towards crafting clear and gripping stories while retaining the vitally unique flavour of the author's style and voice.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, she also had a career in sales, services and marketing...


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