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All of my classes are now available directly with me in personal one-on-one coaching or in small groups. Whether you are starting out or are searching for more than basic advice on fiction writing, or if you're in need of new ideas, motivation and some support, I've got classes that fit all levels of experience.

Current running classes are for beginners and can be purchased on the Etsy platform. These can be taken as stand alone units or taken as a series to create a structured learning path and build upon skills unit-by-unit. Click on the pictures to see full details.
If you are in search of something more advanced, please message me.


The Beginners Mini-Course is a starter pack of lessons designed to give you tips and exercises on some of the most common traps in short fiction, based on insights from the slush pile. I wish I’d known these four things sooner when I was starting out:

- The story arc. Develop your skills in employing the story arc in your                      writing.

- Organising ideas. Build from a strong foundation to create direction.

- Write engaging scenes, not distanced summaries.

- Improve prose. Simple tricks to get those words working harder for you.

Alternatively, start with the first two in my series of classes designed to take you from beginner, working with technique and style through short fiction, right up to developing your own book idea. These units can be taken stand alone or over time to build on skills learned in previous units.

Forging Description Workshop 1: Three lessons to develop and employ your descriptive skills in more depth, find ideas and bring scenes to life, along with how to use description to characterise.


Smelting Personas Workshop 2: Two lessons on applying emotional filters and using different narrative points-of-view to make your characters feel more lifelike and truly engage the reader in their unique perspectives.

Both these classes will lift your descriptive and characterisation skills and have you viewing your approaches with an extra dimension.

Join the mailing list and get access to my free online class on story structure. Find out if your stories contain all the elements necessary to make complete plots.

“Have taken actual college classes that dont explain it this well. Got lots of new ideas.”

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