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“Have taken actual college classes that dont explain it this well. Got lots of new ideas.”

All of my classes are now available directly with me in personal one-on-one coaching or in small groups. Whether you are starting out or are searching for more than basic advice on fiction writing, or if you're in need of new ideas, motivation and some support, I've got classes that fit all levels of experience.


Contact me for more info. 

Join the mailing list and get access to my free online class on story structure. Find out if your stories contain all the elements necessary to make complete plots.

The beginner's course:

  • Focus on developing basic skills through the form of short stories and test pieces.

  • Learn how to sharpen your description.

  • Build scenes through emotional drive from the heart of your characters.

  • Understand point-of-view from the outset - one of your strongest tools for creating immersive stories!

  • Learn the secrets of structuring short pieces that form complete stories.

  • Build a portfolio of stories.

  • Learn how to analyse and edit short stories.

  • Best tips for submitting your work to story markets.

  • Get professional feedback on your coursework.


Even if you have some experience, this course will give you new perspectives and tips to dig deeper into your characters and draw out their personalities. Writing from a position of familiarity makes the words flow so much easier! 

The advanced course: How to Plot Your Story Arcs takes the writer through the vital steps of plotting a novel or novella/ette with a focus on the character arc as the main story drive, how it interplays with plot events to create even more plot and get the writer through the middle with dramatic purpose - no more floundering in flaccid middle chapters! This course is packed with advice that never fails to give writers the ideas and oomph they need to navigate their story to its climatic end.

This course can be built in individual units in accordance with the writer's experience and preferences.


Materials for both courses are delivered in a variety of ways to enhance the student's learning, including direct video/voice calls with me. You get full online support whenever you have questions, need some handholding, or just a boot up the backside to get you motivated.

PLUS, get access to my private Facebook group focused on your development as a writer. Support and inspiration homed in a safe environment with other learners. No snarks allowed!

This group is by invite only.

So don't procrastinate - invest in your learning now!


Sign up for either course while they are still in promotional pricing. Payment plans are flexible, so you can plan your budget. For those booking the one-on-one beginner's course, you can also take advantage of discounts on a further five classes. And don't forget to take the FREE class I'm already offering by signing up to my email list. 


Ignite your metamorphosis of becoming a better writer and live a more artistic, fulfilling lifestyle today! I guarantee you'll see your writing in new ways and we'll also have a lot of fun.

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