I offer two types of critique – summary and inline. Both types will comment on the same areas, but the inline critique will focus much more on specific problem (and golden) areas and specific suggestions on how to remedy those problems. The summary critique will point out the general feeling of the piece and its flaws. The summary critique is more aligned with beta reading and the inline critique is more aligned with line edits (see the Edit page FAQ).  The substantive edit incorporates both but for a whole novel.

Critiques are on a chapter-by-chapter basis, or 3500 word submissions where longer chapters are involved or long short stories.

If you are considering a full novel substantive edit, why not first try me out with a stand alone critique? All full novel edits that have already tried out a critique receive an automatic €20 discount, to accomodate any initial trials. Alternatively, if you need to space out your budget, you can book a block of 10k words so you can progress your project at a steady pace  at a price you can afford.


If you would like to order my services, I prefer to go through People Per Hour, or - just message me in the first instance so we can work out what best suits both parties.

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