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What about mentoring – how does that work?

I offer a free online class to beginners to get you started with the basics of storytelling. Sign up to my newsletter via the contact page and receive access to the classroom. If you are interested in personalised online coaching at beginner level, I offer a twelve or fifteen unit writing course designed to teach you vital techniques for creating compelling characters and plots in the short form. This is the perfect format for practising technique, style and structure before you move onto a larger project. Even if you've already written a novel or begun to write one, you will still find this course will draw out techniques you've never realised before. Plus, you get feedback on your work, interactive exercises and discussions and full online support.

For more intermediate writers, I have a more advanced course that will take you through the steps of creating a novel from start to finish, including techniques to create fully rounded characters, the five fundamentals they absolutely must have in order to drive the plot, and how those foundations play a role in plot events.

Email me and we can establish what your writing goals are and what I can offer you. If classes and short stories aren't what you need right now, I can also guide you through a specific project from concept to its final draft, or even help to create your author brand. I can also help with your book synopsis and pitch if you are looking to submit your novel to agents or your book blurb and logline if you plan to self-publish.


Get the best out of your manuscript and your author strategy - drop me a line, now!

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