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NaNoWriMo -What Next? Track Plot

If you’ve been following my series NaNoWriMo - What Next? You’ll know there’s been quite a few references to using a spreadsheet to track your plot. It’s been pointed out to me that it would be helpful to have a screen shot of this tracker, so all of you understand what I mean.

So, here it is! Although it’s three screen shots, so you get the full idea.

How to Revise a Novel Plot Tracker

Nanowrimo -What Next? Plot Tracker

Some notes on a few in-program tricks:

- You can freeze the first column where all your POV characters' names are (POVC), so you don’t have to keep scrolling backwards to see if you are adding details to the correct plot line.

- Adding comments through the review tab helps to add to particular cells related details you might wish to easily remember.

- When it comes to working on your replot sheet, you can insert or cut and past columns and rows as you need to (dependent on whether those cells are merged at all)

- Once you have written out your original plot don’t tamper with it. Leave it as it is so you always have a copy of your original ideas.

Back here on Sunday, chaps, for the next part of novel revising -- includes handling multiple POVs.

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