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I'm cheating this week. As I'm going away in a couple of days I admit that things have gotten the best of me this week and I haven't had time to write a full blog post. However, each week I participate in Authors Answer over on Jay Dee Archer's blog I read Encyclopaedias for Fun so today I'm re-blogging Friday's contributions.

This month, the idea was that we took four suggested story titles and came up with an idea for each, writing out a brief synopsis. This week's title was Dodecahedron, but you can find links back to all the titles within the original blog posts if you wish to read the others.



A geometric shape as a title? This could be anything. And it’s a shape people most likely don’t even know. It’s a twelve-sided polygon, and if you play role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, you most likely have used one.

Before we get to the stories, let’s find out who won last week’s story. It was called Fender Slander, and the winner is Gregory S. Close again!

So now on to this week’s story.

Question 120 – Dodecahedron

Jean Davis

Dodecahedron is science fiction. The Council of Twelve acts in the shadows, pulling the strings of planetary governments, crime lords, and the galaxy’s financial markets. Matthews, a scientist who’s funding has suddenly vanished, hunts down the council, slowly exposing its supporting structures until the Council must reveal its faces and answer for all it has done.

Cyrus Keith

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: Near-Earth space

Summary: A strange, immense 12-sided structure is found during excavation on the moon. Found inside are humanoid aliens, long dead, along with animal forms — a total of twelve different species. But not every life-form is truly dead. What was the original purpose of this mission: to save a race, or to exterminate another?

Read all of the entries and cast your vote here.

I'll be back in two weeks. See you then!

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