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Bank Holiday Writing Project

Writing Prompt - Couple by Lake

Just a quicky this week -- I've been super busy with various deadlines and I haven't had the time to write a juicy blog article.

I was rather taken with this picture, though, especially by its potential for body language, and several story ideas cropped up, so I thought I would share. If you have some writing time this bank holiday weekend, use this as a prompt. Write a story based on the picture, and if you are feeling like you want a challenge, I propose you give it a little twist by either:

a) writing it in the voice of a classic novelist, such as Jane Austen or Dickens, etc.

b) Choose a genre outside of your comfort zone, such as steampunk.

c) Write a comedy scene.

I've got lots of things to write about for next time, which will be in two weeks due to other commitments, but I can't decide which to start with! Ho-hum.

Happy writing!

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