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From Concept to Completion - Free Software to Help You Write That Novel.

15 Jan 2017





What is it?

Mindmaple Lite is a mind mapping software, perfect for capturing your ideas quickly.

What should I use it for?

At the very first stage of your novel and throughout. Whenever ideas arrive and you need to note them down quickly in one place without having to create files, folder or tags – the core concept, character traits, theme ideas, pieces of dialogue. Anything, really.


How do I use it?

The beauty of Mindmaple is that you can get your ideas into text quickly in one central location, but also you can arrange those ideas just as quickly into sections and subtopics. You can add notes in Mind Maple, but it can become a little cluttered.


Best features?

Being able to see your idea grow on ‘paper’. You can create relationship links between topics and have floating topics too, which is great when you need to connect some of your novel’s elements from different sections but need a shared or umbrella category.

There’s the ability to create links to the web or to your own files, which works brilliantly in conjunction with linking to notes in Evernote (see below for more details). You can also add labels to topics (for example: Theme, Plot, Characterisation)

**What would be great about MindMaple and Evernote would be if we were able to create a new note within Mindmaple that saved to both our mind maps and the Evernote