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October 13, 2019

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NaNo: The Ultimate Guide

October 13, 2019

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When You SHOULD Use Passive Voice

21 May 2017


*This article might read a little rough around the edges -- I ran out of editing time in order to post it this Sunday plus a huge migraine yesterday didn't help! Apologies in advance*


One of the ongoing raging debates in fiction writing is about whether to use passive voice. The general rule is to not use it, opting for more active sentences that make your prose tighter and more vivid. And there is certainly plenty of merit in that attitude, but, as with most writing ‘rules’, it’s not about an outright banishment of any given technique (though it is neither about wantonly goading the apparent ‘rule’ makers into an apoplectic fit with narrative littered in passive sentence structures). There are times when only passive voice will do.


For the uninitiated, let’s just have a quick run through as to what passive voice looks like compared to its activ